In 1993 Toazted started off as a production company, producing music interviews for radio, magazines and TV, owning all the original content we have made and still are making.

Over time, fans would ask when certain interviews would be broadcasted again. In the heydays of broadcasting, this was impossible, so Toazted offered fans their favourite interviews on CD-R, for free. This is where the Toazted name generates from: we started off burning/toasting interviews on CD-R.

The Toazted websites started in 1999 as an alternative to “Toasting” CD-R’s. Toazted started to serve music fans by supplying them with interviews on demand 24 hours a day. At a later stage we have moved all our interviews to YouTube and started our own YouTube channel in order to serve the music fans even better.

It’s our mission to bring our interviews, free to watch, to as many music fans as possible.

All our interviews can now be watched on Vevo, Dailymotion, Yahoo, YouTube, Roku, Xbox and Apple TV, Deezer and many more to come.